Jeremy Parnov (1935—2009)

Russian novel, in French, translated from Russian

Parnov Abécédaire de lApocalypse | The ABC of the Apocalypse | Код апокалипсисаpublished: March 2008

512 pp.
format : 210 mm x 140 mm
soft / hard cover
isbn: 978-2-35586-001-0 / 030-0

price france : soft 23 € / hard 25 €



Written by an acclaimed Russian author, this book has been published in Russia only recently and has already become a best-seller. This novel investigates the clash of civilisations, the struggle between the West and Islam, the potential worldwide religious war that some doctrines would like to untie. This novel follows the tradition of the best adventure novels for adults; its gripping detective plot based on historical facts plunges the reader in a thrilling world of millenary mysteries, never before unveiled in a book.

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short description

The modern style of this novel plunges the reader in the heart of the mysteries that lie at the root of religious wars. Historical knowledge and recent discoveries combine to produce a fascinating adventure story of the 21st century. The ABC of Apocalypse unveils for the first time in the shape of a novel the arcane machinery of religious terrorism and of the secret but total war of civilisations. A representative of the Vatican, Vincente Monteleone finds himself entrusted with a highly important mission. This ecclesiastic secret agent will discover the numerous hidden forces that must be faced by helpless authorities… Is man beginning to lose grip on his actions? This captivating tale uncovers the humanity’s religious history...

strong points

An accomplished mixture of diverse literary genres: war, terrorism, adventure and travel, detective story, mystery. A fine balance between British understatement and Russian narrative exuberance. Such type of narrative which combines tight plot, action, travel, ancient history, urgent news and exciting suspense, while raising burning social issues hardly ever appears in such undeniably Russian form… A major surprise for any reader with a taste for action novels.

the author

Jeremy Parnov (1935—2009) is the author of numerous best-sellers, scenarios et travel chronicles.
A keen traveller, famous for adventure film scenarios, travel notes and chronicles, Jeremy Parnov is now one of the most widely read fiction authors in Russia, with a reputation for thoroughly researched mystical and Orientalist works. Jeremy Parnov is a charismatic author and many of his books have been taken to the screen.

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author’s word

I now know everything about myself, I do not wait for anything and I am not afraid of the future. But rigorous reason retreats in the face of the mystical wave that often submerges my heart. In moments like those one draws closer than ever to the secrets of one’s conscience, which knows more about reality than one thinks. In moments like those one forebodes the worst. I say this, although I am not a pessimist by nature… Religious war, a clash of civilisations, the end of our world… What could be more disastrous?…

Jeremy Parnov

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