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Tchetchenie image anime corrige Tchétchénie, opération Châtiment | Chechnya, Operation ‘Punishment’ | Чечня, операция ‘Возмездие’

published: December 2008

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Tchetchenie image anime corrige Tchétchénie, opération Châtiment | Chechnya, Operation ‘Punishment’ | Чечня, операция ‘Возмездие’

published May 2014

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An unpublished and capital testimony on the Chechen war translated from Russian. A piece that leaves one shattered, a new person. Written by a Chechen, former professor of Russian literature at Grozny, and now a retired officer. The author is a colonel who has served as coordinator of special services, a ‘refugee’ in Moscow after he has lost everything he had in his native land. This book tells his own experience of a merciless war. An orthodox Muslim, the author reveals little known and shocking facts on everyday reality and the true nature of the relationship between the Russian authorities and Northern Caucasus during the second Chechen war. Extremely critical, occasionally accusatory, this book does not position itself as anti-Russian and pro-Chechen, or the opposite. It makes a sincere attempt at drawing a dense and precise historical picture, that has little in common with everything written on this subject so far. Beyond the violence of the actual battles, the reader discovers the terrible daily life of civilians, of the common people, the true face of the war. One also discovers Islam as one seldom has a chance to see it: dignified, peaceful and humanist.

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summary of content

A detailed and pitiless ‘inventory’ of the events and military operations conducted in Chechnya for several years, impartial towards both the Russian authorities and the Chechens, be they pro-Russian or rebels. It lays bare the much-camouflaged truth on the dreadful war that has been raging in this region for decades. This story is told by a witness who is in principle ‘pro-Russian’, since he refuses to be assimilated with the local mafia, but one who also refuses the falsifications of the official discourse. He has dearly paid his absolute need for truth and feels he has nothing more to lose, having lost early all, but that which he holds most precious: his dignity and his undying need to make truth known to the world. A story that is as harsh as the author’s own life, essential for understanding what is truly happening in the ‘Caucasus’ – Russia’s eternal Achilles’ heel

strong points

Exclusive and explosive truth on the Chechen war cannot leave indifferent media and readers alike. The integrity displayed by the author, a traditionalist Muslim, respectful of the humanist values of the Christian West is of exceptional interest for the Western world, and above all for France, which, being a turning point between Muslim South and Jude-Christian North, is compelled to assert and defend its ancestral values in the context of a generalized and growing conflict. The publication of this book forecasts a new turn of the war in preparation in the Northern Caucasus. This book contains much sought-after information. It is essential to the understanding of this conflict.

the author

Akhmed Kelimatov, 64 years old, a Chechen intellectual, a retired professor of Russian language and literature, a retired rubon149 Tchétchénie, opération Châtiment | Chechnya, Operation ‘Punishment’ | Чечня, операция ‘Возмездие’officer with the rank of Colonel, formerly a coordinator of Russian special services, living as a refugee in Moscow with the surviving members of his close and distant family after the blind punitive actions of Grozny. A traditionalist Muslim and a patriot, the bearer of traditional Islamic values of the Chechen people, much more democratic that they might appear...

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