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translated from Russian by Tilda Lovi, Marie Le Mer, Anne Coldefy-Faucard

Projet Russie 678x1024 Projet : Russie | The Russia Project | Проект Россия

published: March 2008

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Projet Russie 678x1024 Projet : Russie | The Russia Project | Проект Россия

published May 2014

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Once you have read this book, you will understand why its authors have chosen to remain anonymous.

This socio-political essay is not only sharply polemical, but quite literally one of its kind. It became a bestseller in Russia almost immediately after its publication, despite limited media coverage. It offers a most unexpected – historical and above all broadly philosophical – perspective on contemporary democracy and autocracy, on the future of Western Europe and Russia and on their historical destinies, which according to the authors are inextricably linked.

A book commissioned by some powerful shadow agents ? An anonymous outburst of civic sense on the part of some contemporary ‘prophet’ ? Whatever the case, this book provides cutting analysis and disturbingly lucid insights on the future of Russia and the world, and on familiar forms of governance. A must-read for your friends and enemies alike.

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summary of content

An uncompromising ‘audit’ of the Western civilisation today, rich with strikingly astute observations, and quite at odds with the established and accepted views.
The book’s style is equally unusual: unlike most writings concerned with politics and society that are currently published in France and other European countries, it is written in simple and lapidary language, easy to read and easy to understand – almost frighteningly so. It will give much ‘food for thought’ to any reader, amateur and expert alike. The information is concise, pertinent and persuasive. This essay is of particular interest in view of the forthcoming presidential elections in Russia. More to follow…

strong points

This book is politically incorrect. Very much so.
This book is for those who are weary of hearing endless lies about politics and who believe in an alternative way for Russia and the democratic world. This disconcerting analysis has left a powerful mark on the public opinion in Russia and has everything to achieve bomb-like impact on Western readership.

the author

a passage from the book:

“We have reached the conclusion that only in anonymity shall we be able to usefully and tangibly change the present situation. We hope that this choice will help to overcome the universal suspiciousness imposed upon us all, and which is by now engrained in our society. In no case and under no circumstances shall we come out and claim credit for anything. Consequently, we cannot be accused of sullying noble words and profiting from cheap speculation (should such an accusation ensue, it will be ridiculous and obviously spurious). But we shall fight them with their own weapons.
We warn you: do not trust anyone! We have no face. Whoever says ‘I am the author of this text’ or ‘I am the leader of Project Russia’ is a liar and a provoker. Be prepared to face provocation. The enemy is powerful and shrewd. But we shall prevail, because ‘we’ is no one and all. ‘Words and music by: unknown’ – this is a folk song.”

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