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contemporary essay, French version, translated from Russian

Projet Russie 198x300 essais & documents | non fiction | нон / фикшнpublished: March 2008
price, france: € 21

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This socio-political essay is not only sharply polemical, but quite literally one of its kind. It became a bestseller in Russia almost immediately after its publication, despite limited media coverage. It offers a most unexpected – historical and above all broadly philosophical – perspective on contemporary democracy and autocracy, on the future of Western Europe and Russia and on their historical destinies, which according to the authors are inextricably linked...

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Grand Duchess Elizabeth of Russia: New martyr of the communist yoke

Liubov Miller (Millard)

biography, French version, translated from Russian

Sainte Elisabeth essais & documents | non fiction | нон / фикшн

published: April 2009
price, france: 26 € ttc


This short and taut novel is not of a common kind. Out of phase and oneiric, pure and noble, it is a true poem in prose that will satisfy the taste of the finest connoisseur...

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Chechnya, Operation ‘Punishment’

Akhmed Kelimatov

contemporary document, in French, translated from Russian

Tchetchenie operation Chatiment essais & documents | non fiction | нон / фикшн

published: December 2008
price, france: 25 € ttc


An unpublished and capital testimony on the Chechen war translated from Russian. A piece that leaves one shattered, a new person. Written by a Chechen, former professor of Russian literature at Grozny, and now a retired officer. Exclusive and explosive truth on the Chechen war cannot leave indifferent.

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