Vyacheslav Repin

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Antigonia1 Antigonia | Antigonia | Антигония

published: February 2008

304 p.
format : 210 mm x 140 mm
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language: French
isbn : 978-2-35586-024-9

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Antigonia1 Antigonia | Antigonia | Антигония

published Novembre 2013

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language: French
isbn : 978-2-35586-039-3

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Russian version, Éditions Temps & Périodes, Paris

This novel is contemporary and demanding. It is aimed above all at readers keen to discover people who are different from them, readers who still believe that writing, literature and art are invested with a mission.

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short description

As parallel lines eventually come together at infinite lengths, the different axes of this story eventually converge in an unexpected, witty culmination, which leaves the reader with new directions to ponder when the book is finished. Subtly intertwined threads which seem to purposefully confuse the reader, in actual fact lead one to consider profound issues of writing and of the human consciousness (and conscience). Two contemporary writers of entirely different backgrounds, a Russian and an American, are drawn together by friendship and a complex antagonism. Their common passion for sea bass fishing in Brittany provides the opportunity for a real literary showdown. One discovers at a turn of the road – through joys and sorrows – that each hero possesses uncompromising, personal moral and philosophical commitment to their epoch. Through the story of an intense and eventful relationship, one perceives an acute vision of contemporary society and culture, of today’s world, in France, Russia and America.

strong points

This novel was written in French by a Russian author who has lived in France for more than twenty years. Philosophical realism, universal reach, high literary quality – such are the assets of this text with multiple facets and directions; a thrilling book and a mine of information on various topics.

the author

Vyacheslav Repin, 54 years old, of Russian extraction, has lived in France for over twenty years. He has written novels, short stories and philosophical essays, and stands out among the writers of his generation by his deep attachment to the classical texts of Russian literature, and by his endeavour to re-invent a meaningful modernity. Having chosen France as his second homeland and second culture entitles him to a special place. His writing choices (he writes in both languages) and his thought (he positions himself as a ‘bridge between the world of East and the world of West’) make him an author beyond the norm. His works tactfully but uncompromisingly expose the aberrations of our time, and shed light on the distress which the responsible artist has to overcome nowadays.

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author’s word

“Should one write about writers? Whether their lot is enviable or not, be it success or failure, I believe that, in the end, everything has been said on that topic. By writing this text I wanted, first of all, to push the boundaries of literature further. I have written slowly, imposed many constraints upon myself, made many awkward mistakes… I have not done any better than my characters, who bear only a minimal resemblance to me and yet are my two alter ego at the same time. Hesitating between two worlds, one as improbable as the other…”

Vyacheslav Repin

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