War and Peace

Leo Tolstoy

classic novel, French version, translated from Russian

Guerre et paix 1 fr à paraître | forthcoming titles | готовятсяforthcoming: 2015
price, france: 46 € ttc (soft, vol. 1 et 2)

56 € ttc (hard, vol. 1 et 2)

isbn: 978-2-35586-006-5 / 007-2


The greatest classic of Russian literature written more than a century ago remains surprisingly modern and relevant to today’s life. This extraordinarily powerful text seems to have been written for our times, in which wars are becoming a fact of life. The new French translation restores Tolstoy’s original text, fills gaps that had been left in previous translations and gives the novel a new impetus and offers a chance for those who know it but have never read it, to discover this wonderful book.

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Homer. The immanent biography

Anatoliy Zolotukhin

historical essay, English version, translated from Russian

homer book à paraître | forthcoming titles | готовятся

forthcoming: 2014
price: $ 8,90


For the first time in history of mankind the real biography of the Homer is restored, dates of a birth and death (657-581 B.C.), the birthplace and a burial place was determined...

In a basis of the technique of revealing elements of the immanent biography was used a complex analysis of research (not only philology) from ancient Greek texts of «Odyssey», «Iliad» and myths. On numerous examples it is proved, that the mythology of the Homer is symbolical expression of the historical truth...

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