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Éditions Temps & Périodes, Paris, Publishing House
French and Russian versions

Logo Site acheter le livre électronique | purchase e book | купить электронную книгуHaving addressed directly in publishing house or in e-book store of publisher You have all the chances to get the format version ePub for Your reading device (iPad, Cybook, Kindle, Mobipocket, Nook, Sony... and etc.). The format ePub is for today the most universal and accomplish.

You can simply write an and clarify in Your message Your wishes. Within 48 hours You will receive the list of all possible forms of payment will be given You, besides PayPal.
At will You can also ask the trial version of the e-book.

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BookMate, Russian eBook Club
Russian versions

For a small payment, or free of charge, You can read in streaming all books stored in library, and not only on Your computer, but also in using any other e-book reader...

Amazon Kindle, eBook
French versions

The affordable price, qualitative registration and the guaranteed delivery on all planet... The e-books in the language of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and others unfortunately are inaccessible yet through this distribution system...


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